Internete plinta su kūnu susijusi mada: vieni žavėsis

Internete plinta su kūnu susijusi mada: vieni žavėsis, kiti šlykštėsis (FOTO)

Tai, ką daugelis merginų bei moterų stengiasi nuslėpti, šios damos kelia į paviršių. Instagramo tinkle sparčiai plinta mada susijusi su baisiausiu moteriškos lyties atstovių siaubu – celiulitu.

Kovotoja už moterų teises, kanadietė Kenzie Brenna pirmoji pradėjo šią unikalią madą. Jos esmė – Instagramo tinkle talpinti nuotraukas su išryškėjusiu celiulitu. Kenzie tikslas yra paskatinti visas merginas bei moteris nesigėdyti šio savo „trūkumo“ ir nustoti kompleksuoti dėl savo kūno.

Netrukus prie Kenzie prisijungė visa armija merginų, kurios taip pat susiduria su celiulitu ir trokšta, jog merginos nustotų kompleksuoti dėl apelsino žievelės efekto ant odos. Juk celiulitas būdingas beveik 90 procentų pasaulio moterų, tad kodėl jos privalo jį dangstyti ilgais sijonais ar išleisti visas santaupas anticeliulitiniams kremams bei gydomiesiems masažams?

Iš tiesų, stipriai savo šaknis įleidus grožio kultui celiulitas dažnai traktuojamas kaip apsleidimo požymis. Vis dėlto specialistai teigia, jog celiulitas renkasi tiek jaunesnes, tiek vyresnes, tiek lieknesnes, tiek stambesnes. Ar būdina celiulitą demonstruoti visam pasauliui?

Kad ir kiek kritikų atsirastų, galime tik pasveikinti šią gražią merginų iniciatyvą. Juk merginą puošią ne išdailinta figūra, o jos vidinė stiprybė ir pasitikėjimas savimi. Sutinkate?

🌤 HAPPY SATURDAY MORNING ☀️ It’s also #cellulitesaturday, I realize I didn’t post one last week. But I sorta wanna try to make it a thing. The word cellulite still makes me cringe. It still makes me wanna run and hide and not come out and I have somehow lipsuctioned it out of me or try to dry brush it into the dark places of the universe. That’s really not the fucking case. The only way to get rid of cellulite is to lose overall fat. With overall fatloss, your body may lose fat in the areas that you have celluli- AND HERES THE JOOCEY PART, YOUR BODY MAY ALSO ✨NOT✨ LOSE FAT FROM THOSE AREAS.💞 Because we cannot spot reduce (stop it, we can’t, pls don’t comment and say you can I’ll just delete you misinforming people) you can’t pick or choose whether or not you are a person who can reduce your appearance of cellulite. Notice how I said appearance. Appearance because cellulite LITERALLY translates to the appearance of fat cells. And because we will forever have fat cells at some percentage or another, for women (and some men,) you can’t really avoid this baby. We all have it to some degree or another. It’s not an indication of health or fitness level or self worth. ITS A COSMETIC “ISSUE.” It’s just a thing our bodies do. It’s just a thing our bodies do. It’s just a fucking thing our bodies do. It’s that simple. And the beauty industry capitalizes on it. Imagine if a unicorn was chopping off its horn because it’s culture says so. We would tell that beautiful unicorn that it’s bananas for doing something like that. 🦄🌸💕 No. Just no. Like I said in my previous cellulite posts, it’s difficult for me to accept, but I eat my greens, I drink my water, I foam roll, I’m at the gym 5x a week, I have Epsom salt baths, I’ve dry brushed, got “cellulite massages”, tried creams and considered getting surgery. So don’t tell me a way to “fix it.” I’m over it 🙅🚫 #celluliteacceptance #endbodyshame #thisiswhatfitlookslike #boldandbeautiful

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Dear reader 💫 I hope you celebrate your body today. Especially the part that you haven’t been saying nice things to all these years. Your body needs you. Love, Me 🙆💞 Another edition of #cellulitesaturday. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I can’t truthfully say I love this part of my body yet, but I’m getting farther away from hating it. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Cellulite shouldn’t be ruining your life or mine. Cellulite is little itty bitty fat cells that accumulate in places where your cute body says “yup, need some more of that over here!” It isn’t a medical condition. It is a 🚨cosmetic🚨 personal issue that women have with themselves due to the overwhelming pressure our beauty culture has placed on having thin smooth young looking skin. What about all the gals that don’t have thin smooth young looking skin? What if they don’t fit in that standard? Fuck that. Rock yo body, in all its cuteness that it is. ❤️💛💚💙💜 #everyBODYisbeautiful #daretobedifferent #selflovejourney

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Thought I’d join @omgkenzieee in #cellulitesaturday If you’d told me a year ago I’d be posting pictures of my cellulite for the world to see I’d have laughed in your face! But look at me now! Cellulite is NORMAL It’s nothing to be ashamed of I bet you wouldn’t think It was such a bad thing to have If you hadn’t been told that! What’s so bad about it? It’s a part of me! How can a part of my body that does SO much for me be bad!?

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Let’s talk about boob jobs for a hot minute okay? Do not DAMN a woman or say she can’t be a bopo warrior if she has one, alright? 🌸🌸🌸🌸 (Remember this may be a very important surgery for some bodies, like Trans* women!) Let’s ask ourselves “why” she wants one. Attacking someone for changing apart of their body that society literally tells you on a day to day basis that you have to have bigger isn’t helpful. It’s not constructive, you don’t encourage women learn about their situations, in fact you make things worse because once again we are taught to break each other down and fight against one another. #letsnotdodat What’s the difference if I dye my hair or tattoo my eyebrows? What’s the difference if I get botox or put on make up to appear younger? Is one really better than the other? 🙅 If we had fair representation in the media then the younger generation would grow up knowing that 1. Their boob size doesn’t matter 2. Because their size doesn’t matter 3. Because your self worth isn’t a reflection of how much space you take up in the world I can’t say I won’t ever get a breast augmentation, I don’t know what the future holds and I don’t know what type of headspace I’ll be in. But I want women to know it’s okay, it’s okay always. 💞 If we stay reflective, insightful we will figure it out together. The world is such a hard hard place already and small boobs, no boobs, big boobs, one boob etc should all be represented and considered beautiful 💕🙆✨ #BOOBSAREBEAUTIFUL #allbodiesaregoodbodies #womensupportingwomen #respectoneanother #BEFUCKINGNICE 😬💜

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Have you ever said yes to something kinda scary and then looked for any excuse of why it wouldn’t work and you could give yourself permission to get out of it? That was me this week. When I feel resistance to something I’ve learned to recognize it as fear. And then I ask myself what am I really afraid of? What’s the worst that could happen? And usually my thoughts are so bizarre or so far into the future that I can easily acknowledge it and set that aside. Old me would find “signs” of why it was a bad idea and not meant to be. Fear is a bitch. It held me back for many years and I just can’t live in that space anymore. I got a direct booking for a shoot with Universal Studios. I said yes in my excited state and then panic set in because I’ve never shot for anyone other than @societyplus and they are practically like family. So the self doubt arrived- “can I really do this, why do they want me, I have to drive far, what about the kids, it will be a late night.” And then the final details came out and they wanted everyone to bring 3 biz casual looks and immediately I thought yup, this is it, this is the sign that I’m not supposed to do this (I literally only own yoga gear and swimsuits 😂.) And it was kind of a relief- but I asked myself why am I holding myself back from this, how can I make it work? I know it’s because I’m scared: scared I won’t be what they wanted, scared of meeting new people, scared of looking ridiculous in front of people….and then I just said fuck that, all those excuses are totally LAME! So I reached out and society plus is letting me borrow a few super cute biz casual looks for the day and my hubby is taking the kids to run around the football field for 3 hours and I’m going to rock that shoot. Even if I’m scared 😳…totally sucking would be so much better than never trying! As always, just do you babes. Xoxo Allie

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It’s #cellulitesaturday woooohooooo!! I’m wearing a romper to my sons game today. So many people around. In the past I would have been SO self conscious of having my legs out. Of showing my cellulite to the world. As if it was a terribly horrific thing that no one else had and I should be ashamed of. And sitting with shorts on? Omg I died, I’d drape a sweater over my dimpled sides or a napkin or my purse- however I could cover them. As you can see, I’ve come to realize that cellulite is not something to be afraid of. The dimples on my legs are not something I allow to dictate my life and what I can wear anymore. The ripples on my thighs when I cross my legs, like in this photo, they hold no power over me. It’s part of who I am, no matter a size 4 or 18 and anywhere in between, I have learned to live peacefully, and fashionably with my cellulite. And when I honor her, she releases her hold over me and I can get back to just doing me! So, as always babes, just do you! Release the hold that those negative beliefs have on you. Xoxo Allie

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Decided to be brave and raw with you guys. No filters, no editing, no cropping out my unmade bed/messy room. This is me. If you don’t know, #CelluliteSaturday is a thing started by the beautiful @omgkenzieee. 93% of women have cellulite!! And while that statistic says the majority of women have it, think about how many of us try to get rid of it. The presence of cellulite is largely genetic, and im sorry to tell you that any topical cream is not going to get rid of it. I would be lying if I said i haven’t tried to get rid of mine. I carry cellulite largely on my thighs and butt, especially underneath my butt. I workout 5 days a week, I eat a balanced diet, I drink lots of water, I foam roll every now and then. All of these things are said to be able to help reduce the presence of cellulite. But guess what? Who gives a fuck? lol. Honestly though. There are SO many other things that could be and ARE “flawed” about me. And if I have the “flaw” of cellulite than so be it. These “flaws” say nothing about me as a person, or who I am. This “flaw” that the majority of women have is considered a “flaw” because of the standards set by the beauty industry. Go look in a magazine, or any sort of ad with women showing skin and tell me if you see cellulite. The one company I know of that doesn’t retouch the models is @aerie. But other than that, smooth skin with no evidence of cellulite is the so-called standard. And as women we constantly see that and then assume there’s something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. My point is that if you have cellulite, you are not abnormal!! You aren’t “flawed!” YOU aren’t CELLULITE. You have cellulite. Just like you have eye boogers, ear wax, body hair, BO, split ends, stretch marks, moles, skin discolorations, acne, etc. These don’t define you. Your character, heart, sense of humor, ability to understand. Those things define you and who you are as a person. Give yourself a break ladies. Much love😘❤️ #Cellulite #StretchMarks #LoveYourself

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Hey babes! Getting real up close and personal this morning! It’s kinda my thing. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I’d put my unedited stretch marked dimply belly out for the world to see I would have gasped in horror, or assumed it must have been because I achieved perfect rock solid abs. Well I’m neither horrified nor do I have the “ideal” stomach according to society standards. But I am real….like really real. I’ve had most of these stretch marks since puberty. I’ve had that line between my lower belly and pelvic area no matter what size I was. My belly button has always been frowning. And for most of my life I’ve hated those attributes. But as life would lead for me, I have come to love every line because it tells my story. I am unique. I don’t look like anyone else because I am no one else but me. I’m not trying to look like a celebrity or fit trainer. I’m just going about life with one goal, to find joy in every second of my day. Life is far too short to make restrictions on how we can live it based on how our bodies conform to the “perfect” shape. Just do you babe, just keep doing you and don’t worry about the rest. Xoxo Allie

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Your body does not exist to please others. I spent SO MANY YEARS feeling like I was so different and alone. Like I was broken. Like no one else had to deal with hating their body. Since I was 4 years old I remembering scrutinizing my legs, from leg braces to cellulite, I always felt like I had to keep my legs covered to not offend anyone. Your body is YOUR body. You don’t need validation from someone else to decide if it is good or worthy. Only you get to decide that. Only you get to make the call on whether or not you will be happy with the amazing vessel that has brought you through this life experience or if you’ll continue to punish your body for a crime it never committed. One day I decided to stop fighting with my body. One day I decided I wanted to be her friend and take care of her like I needed her. And then I…one day I loved her like she was me. Happy Sunday loves Just do you! Xoxo Allie

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